British Longhair Cats Of Distinction

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About sayadaws and their british longhair cats

Although we had been breeding for a number of years, Sue wanted a cat for her, she loved the British Longhair so decided that this was the cat for her.

She carefully studied the cats Standard of points, the list that a judge uses to decide how good the cat is then found pictures of the best kittens and cats on line so that she could put the words to pictures. Having decided she knew what she was looking for she just checked on line and waited.

Two years later a friend of ours who is a short haired breeder had a litter with a few Longhair in them. As soon a Sue saw this kitten she knew that if it continued to look like it did then that this was the kitten for her.

Amanda hill (the breeder) was happy to let Sue have her as she knew she showed her cats. The rest as we say is history.

Amber became the best British Longhaired cat in the World and Sue made Amanda come up to collect their prize at the end of the year.

Now we are continueing with her children and a couple of others we have brought in.

We still beleive that the cat comes first and that will never change.