British Longhair Cats Of Distinction

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British Longhair Kittens available

We Have British Longhair Kittens available go to contact us to request one

Although we show most of our kittens we do sometimes have a kitten or two that need loving homes,

All of our kittens are born in our bedroom, Sue or james (Mainly Sue) cust the cord and  weights them. They kittens stay in our bedroom being checked every day to make sure that all is going well, then at around 4 weeks - 5 weeks old (once the kittens have started to climb all over us when we are trying to sleep.) The kittens are moved with their mother into one of our spare bedrooms. This gives them room to explore safely while under the approving eye of their mother and us. Sill being checked every day Sue spends about 2 hours a day playing with them. She keeps telling me its a hard job but someone has to do it. It is also during this time that the kittens litter train themselves ready for the move downstairs.

At the tender age of 9 weeks the kittens are off to the vet for their first vet check and inoculation, it is only at this stage we open the bedroom door and stand back so that they can work their way downstairs and into the sitting room. This takes about 2 days when they are not bothering to go back upstairs finding this room much more exciting.

Its at this stage we allow visitors to see their new masters and mistrsses. (You do not honsestly think you will own your house any more do you. Oh No they rule with a firm paw.)

At 12 weeks the kittens are off to the vets again for their second vet check and their second inoculation,. By this stage they are lively bouncing bundle of fluff, not we do not say acrobatic although ok at it they leave it to their cousins that are more sure footed.

13 weeks is the day of their final vet check, it is at this stage they have their pompomectomy etc. All of our kittens are Neutered / spayed before leaving. Then at 14 weeks they have a quick checkup at the vets, they have their microchip implanted and they are sent off to their new family.

If you would like a British Longhaired kitten please contact us on our Contact Us page